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Staining hardwood flooring
We have a team with experience,  for staining of your wood floor
or to leave a first quality work for you feel happy with the color of your wood floor staining.

Whether you are building a new home or renovating your current dwelling, chances are that you want wooden floors that match exactly what you see in your mind’s eye. If you haven’t been able to find what you are looking for at the local hardware store, then your best option is to go with custom design and custom staining

A custom stain allows you to experiment with a number of different colors and protection options for your hardwood. If you want more than the basic color of the wood itself, you can use Dura Seal to give your floors a satin appearance with a soft look, or Minwax to instead go in an antique direction that adds a rustic feel to your beautiful flooring. Whichever combination of wood, stain and design that you choose, you can be assured that we will work with you to ensure that it meets your exact needs and specifications.

Preparation  Hardwood floors
The key to staining your hardwood floors and achieving a beautiful durable finish is going to be in the preparation. The surface that you will be applying the stain to must be sanded and thoroughly cleaned of all dust before even starting your project. The biggest mistake that people make staining wood floors is failing to remove all the dust before beginning.
is necessary sanded to remove these harmful residues very well
wood floor sanding  has to be completely fine and spotless all the hardwood flooring has to be like new. before staining
                     Puting staining
Our certified experts begins puting staining a layer designed and chosen your wood flooring or stairs and more. Staining will be seated in the wood floor of  4 to 12 hours has to be dry completely. staining completely dry we put a oil coat over the staining  that is slow to be dry 24 to 35 hours while. we put  the second layer of oil base   dry faster betwen 18 to 24 hours, It is recommended to apply 2 to 3 coats of oil base over the staining to be lasting for many years and the color on the wood floor you see beautiful the color of staining that gives a beautiful view from inside your house

MGR.ROBLES COMPAY in between each layer of oil based, or water based we always is buffing with fine sandpaper has to be very smooth over hardwood floor
STAINING is difficult to apply is a product so we recommend you contact people with experience, on staining wood flooring.

MGRROBLES when apply  staining recommends that the temperature is between 65 and  80  degress temperature and has to be do  great job and without complications

                         These are some stains color   
These are some colors that we use for staining wood flooring and for you to choose which you like to tint your wood flooring and to make it easy for MgrRobles. to let the perfect job and the chosen color
of your choice or to match your hardwood flooring to the trim, doors, cabinetry. When work is completed your hardwood floor is amazing with the color of your choice and we are happy to serve you
Staining hardwood floors